Explore, Get Edgy & Wear This: Fashion’s Crazy Good Animal Kingdom!

Welcome to the crazy yet fab world of fashion hottest trend. It’s not conventional to say the least but it is different. If your wondering what does animals have to offer in fashion? Well then we’re both wondering the same thing. Since the fall 2012 runway looks didn’t hit us until this January we’ve been hit by some major graphics. For instance there’s been an array of animals roaming around our streets lately.

They’re tamed of course, overtly stylish but overall really clever with their style approach. Meaning they’re worn in ways I would love to wear. I own a tiger tee from Romwe but not like these bad boy animal looks. Since 2011 these creative doghouse designs have popping around fashion weeks and blogs.

It really comes down to how the fashion editors and fashion writers and models wear them. They’ve accessorized these graphics that appear viscous, yet calmed the looks down with fab gold pieces and edgy sunglasses.

But overall I like this trend because it’s upfront and real, without adding anything simple or special. It’s a in your face print and we can’t do anything about it. So far it hasn’t been seen on many celebs rocking the bold dog or tiger graphic looks. The typical Givenchy fans have worn them like Kanye, Liv Tyler, P.Diddy, Swizz Beats, Rihanna and the rest include Balenciaga fans.

Yet there’s another crazy animal vengeance at play like Balenciaga, and Christopher Kane all had fall looks come out earlier this year. Also there’s a barnyard of horses, gorillas, lions and tigers at arm’s length showing up. I love this trend so bring it on and go exploring fashion’s newest animal kingdom.

F.Y.I ~ I have a feeling that space cadets and galaxies will be a big trend early next year Thanks too Balenciaga and others!

Here’s A Display of The Stylish Zookeepers!

Givenchy Clever Yet Wild Bulldog Sweaters!

Givenchy Shark Attackers Meet Weird Graphic Sweaters! 

Horsing Around With Altuzarra & Christoper Kane Fierce Gorillas!

Graphic Kenzo Tigers & Other Cats Prowling Around Sweaters!

Wild About The Balenciaga Tamed German Shepard Looks!

Thanks Again!

Brittany J.


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