The Smell of Classic Style: CHANEL N°5 Brought Back Marilyn Monroe + Campaign Video!

It’s apparent that the world of Marilyn Monroe is a phenomenon of wonders. Her life, style, and effort to keep our attention through pictures has been a legend for thoughts. But she was a girl with an array of goodies we all wanted and desire today. With those spectacular gowns and dainty gotta have it heels got us all wanting to wear something chic. 

I’ve re-blogged  posted and shared a ton of Marilyn Monroe pictures but I always seem to see new ones showing up every year. Yes it’s been 50 years since her death but her collection of pictures will stand the test of time, because there’s always a new collection. We’ve all seen them and adore her zest for make-up, beauty, blonde hair and over the top expressions. 

Clearly you can see why Chanel brought her back for their newest campaign, and redeemed themselves from that interesting Brad Pitt ad : )

I’m a big fan of the perfect fragrance like Burberry Brit/The Beat/Body and Bath & Body Works. But I must say Chanel perfume is a delicate smell yet my mom enjoys wearing Mademoiselle. But anything from Chanel is a goldmine of luxury treasures except for those lovely prices. All in all I’m glad they brought back the queen of effortless chic/glam Ms. Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jean Baker.

So Enjoy The Little Black & White Stylish Pictures & Videos!

A Little Fashion Flashback ~ The Dolce & Gabbana 2009 F/W Show!

(Chapter 1) CHANEL N°5 – For The First Time – Inside CHANEL

(Chapter 2) The Chanel + Marilyn Monroe 1952 Recording Ad 

“What Do You Wear To Bed?” Marilyn Responded of Course “CHANEL N°5.”

FYI The Catchy Song In The Background Is

“Westernize” by Avia


Thanks & Have A Chic Holiday Season (Thanksgiving) 

Brittany J.


8 Comments Add yours

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks For Commenting So Glad you liked it she’ll always be fab!

  1. i so love Marilyn! she’s my fave. the definition of beauty, femininity, sensuality… still after all these years! xx

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      I Know she ‘s a fave for us all ~ Plus Chanel always work Thanks for always leaving great comments!

  2. Such an interesting post…
    enjoyed photos + videos…
    thank you~

  3. leireto says:

    Love the blog! That’s why I nominated it to the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award. Congratulations!

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks So much : ) Totally Appreciate It!

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