Fashion Conscious Meets Corporate Glam: Introducing Rachel Roy 2013 Pre-Fall Collection!

RROY_001.450x675 Prefall 2013 Rachel Roy 1 Teresa Lourenco

Mixing patterns for the chic doesn’t come easy for some designers. But with the creativity Rachel Roy brings it’s no wonder she’s a fave designer for many. One thing about this collection is the widespread of sophistication meets cultural vibes. I think anything she designs adds the layers of many people’s taste and style personality.

Rachel Roy 2012 Style logo

I find that most of her collections are extremely wearable and easy to add with any of your own closet items. Yet this fashion conscious collection has the elements of style done in the most edgy way. The mixture of dreamy dark colors with bright pinks stands well with the season to come.

With the term tailored stitched along the blazers and wide-leg pants it’s not surprising to pull off  come Fall next year. The use of red and black truly is done on wide scale of must-have seasonal colors.

Yet this collection tells us a story of a woman going to work. But now she’s ready to take that invite, and hang out with friends or sign off on that red-carpet. Like many having texture is the key with fall, and I could only imagine the many textures that was used to create this elegant collection.

Mainly the real factor lies within two areas. Like the dashes of leather and the evening touches you see displayed. I mean that lace gown is sticks out as the go to dress to wear next year!


Rachel Roy and her brand is always  front in line for design worthy, simplistic style meets urban appeal. It’s a rare to create designs that has the mood that others want let alone to keep it going for years to come. She range on the scale that keeps us wanting more and this collection is no exception.

Overall I would wear really all of these looks so I can’t complain about that.

So Enjoy & Her Latest Collection & Thanks!

Brittany J.

PRE-FALL 2013 Rachel Roy 1

PRE-FALL 2013 Rachel Roy 2

PRE-FALL 2013 Rachel Roy 6

PRE-FALL 2013 Rachel Roy 3

PRE-FALL 2013 Rachel Roy 5


PRE-FALL 2013 Rachel Roy 4


6 Comments Add yours

  1. i love it. the blazers and wide leg trousers are really great and that lace dress at the end, and lace skirt at the beginning are amazing! x

  2. Proving work wear doesn’t have to be boring! Love these, such a nice change from black and more black!

  3. VivalaLilya says:

    Stylebabe,you rock! Great pictures and very inspiring collection, may be a bit too geometrical for me but definetely a lot of things to use in outfits.Thank you))

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks So Much so glad you like the pictures it is an inspiring collection!

  4. Love the whole collection! Especially de pink pants! Xoxo

  5. Love it! Rachel Roy is one of my favs!

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