Those Sleigh Bells Are Ringing In: My Ideal Gotta Love Items This Holiday Season!


It’s that time again when holiday shopping is a chore for the mind and a cure for the one’s you love. But with Christmas just a day away there’s a ton of gadgets, and fashionable items that can’t be missed. Everywhere you turn it’s a string of new electronics, and racks of new clothes that’s dying to be worn.

ImageI enjoy seeing the explosive lights and decorations that takes place it’s so pretty. But we keep everything simple around my house, but it’s always fun to have everything up that’s Christmas like. Listening to holiday songs is cool to sing along, my fave is the classic (Nat King Cole) The Christmas Song!

~ Dream Christmas Decor ~ Love These Colors!

So I came up with a 10 items that doesn’t mean it have to be under tree on that day. But items I would love to see show up in 2013. Some are widely trendy and others are just because they have the cool factor. I’m not too picky with anything I get for Christmas. I just enjoy the fact of giving, and seeing those friends and family members amazed at things you’ve given them.

This Chic+Wishlist 

The Chic Wish List (Christmas)

 So Thanks & Happy Holidays!

Also Making Any Wish-List Means It Might Miraculously Show Up So You Never Know!


Brittany J.


2 Comments Add yours

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      I know it’s the bomb Christmas tree thanks for commenting & happy holidays to u!

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