Happy New Year!!! ~ Well Done 2012 Celeb Looks + You Served Your Style Purpose!

Happy New Year 2012

It’s The New Year & That Means A Look Back At Some Show-Stopping Looks From An Array of Celebs This 2012!

I’m proud to display another collection of my favorite looks. I’m also pleased to share this to a growing viewership since I started my blog back in August of 2010.

Yet it was popular after 2 years and that’s why I’m bringing it back as an annual thing just like the fashion week trends. Over the year celebs style transformed a lot this year, some became mommies and some will become mothers. But there’s no guarantee what they may wear and that goes with the trends we see.

Each look may take you back and some looks maybe your favorite as well.

Kiss This Monumental 2012 One Last Time With These Funky Looks!


Anne Hathaway: 2012 Style

Was Classic Audrey Hepburn But With A Twist!

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars1 Anne

Amanda Seyfried: 2012 Style

Was Bold Meets Risky

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars Amanda

Ashley Madekwe: 2012 Style 

Was A Blogger’s Gold Mine Yet Revengeful

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars2 Ashley

Beyonce K. : 2012 Style

Was Mom Worthy Meets Fashionable

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars3 Beyonce

Blake Lively: 2012 Style 

Was Shining With Wedding Bells & A Dash of Eccentric Tastes

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars4 Blake

Carrie Underwood: 2012 Style 

Was Very Sparkly With A Pop of Edge

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars6 carrie

Charlize Theron: 2012 Style

Was Filled With High Fashion Chic Yet Transforming

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars7 Charlize

Coco Rocha: 2012 Style

Was All Model Prone & A Dash of Pose Perfection

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars5 Coco rocha

Diane Kruger: 2012 Style

Was Designer Quirky But Had Stunning Results

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars8 Diane

Emily Blunt: 2012 Style

Was Sophisticated Dressy With Tailored Pops of Color

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars9 Emily

Emma Stone; 2012 Style

Was Dainty Meets Runway Designer Chic

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars11Emma S

Emma Watson: 2012 Style

Was Hipster Printed & A Dash of Fashion Personality 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars10 emma W

Eva Longoria: 2012 Style

Was Dramatic Yet Really Simplistic & Colorful

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars12 Eva Longroia

Freida Pinto: 2012 Style

Was Statement Driven & Interestingly Savvy 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars13 Frieda

Gabrielle Union: 2012 Style

Was Overtly Strong & Sophisticated Bold 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars14 Gabrielle

Gwen Stefani: 2012 Style

Was Rocker Glam With A Pattern Pop

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars15 Gwen

Gwyneth Paltrow: 2012 Style

Was Check Mate Chic Meets Classic 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars16 Gywenth

Halle Berry: 2012 Style

Was Subtle Meets Edgy Yet Sultry Glam 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars17 halle

Heidi Klum: 2012 Style

Was Shocking Meets Funky Side Leg Chic

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars8 Heidi

Jennifer Hudson: 2012 Style 

Was All Funky Fab Meets A New Lease On Glam

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars18 Jennifer H

Jennifer Lawrence: 2012 Style

Was All About Having The Fashion Games Intact & Staying Naturally Chic

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars23 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lopez: 2012 Style

Was Full Idol Luxe With Dashes of Fitted Neon Colors

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars22 Jennifer L

Jessica Aba: 2012 Style

Was All About looking Fashion Forward & Trendy Devoted 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars21 Jesssica Alba

Jessica Biel: 2012 Style

Was A Striking Bride  With Designer Frocks Yet Full of Simplicity 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars19 Jessica B

Jessica Chastain: 2012 Style 

Was Filled With Classy Dresses & Head To Toe Sweetness

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars20 Jessica Chaistian

Kate Middleton: 2012 Style

Was Filled With UK Love Yet Had Touches of Old Hollywood (Now New Mommy)

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars27 Kate Middleton

Kate Moss: 2012 Style

Was All For Retro Chic Mixed With The Cool Factor

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars25 Kate Moss

Katy Perry 2012 Style:

Was A Use of Color Meets Toned Glam Yet Super Fab

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars24 Katy Perry

Kerry Washington: 2012 Style

Was Very Sophisticated Meets Runway Elegant

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars26 Kerry Washiontion

Khloe Kardashian: 2012 Style

Was All For The Fun Meets The X Factor & Trendy Cool

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars40 Khloe K

Kim Kardashian: 2012 Style

Was All Influenced With Peplums, Leathers Yet Kanye Driven (New Mommy)

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars38 kim K

Kourtney Kadashian: 2012 Style

Was Motherly Sophisticated Mixed In With Cali Luxe

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars39 Koutney K

Kristen Stewart: 2012 Style

Was A Little Scandalous Meets Boyish Chic With Dashes of High Fashion

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars28 Kirsten Stewart

Lea Michele: 2012 Style

Was Peek-A-Bo0 Posh & Full of Charm

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars29 Lea michele

Marion Cotillard: 2012 Style

Was In Demand With Dior & Filled With Structured Looks

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars31 Marion Cotillard

Michelle Obama: 2012 Style

Was Uber Stylish Meets Printed Joy Yet Fabulous Upbeat

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars35 Michelle Obama

Miranda Kerr: 2012 Style

Was Street Style Obsessed & Driven With The Best Looks of The Year

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars30 Miranda Kerr

Miley Cyrus: 2012 Style

Was Full of Changes & Filled With Rocker Edge Meets 1996 Look 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars32 Miley Cyrus

Nicole Richie: 2012 Style

Was Indeed A Fashion Star Meets A Classic Boho

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars34 Nicole Richie

Olivia Palermo: 2012 Style

Was Street Style Meets Front-Row Go To Star This Year

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars33 Oliva Palermo

Rihanna (RiRi) 2012 Style

Was Transforming Yet Went Through Major Hair Color/Style & Wildly Chic Looks

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars36 Rihanna

Rita Ora: 2012 Style

Was Full of Spunky Colors & Prints Yet Bold & A Side of London Pop

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars37 Rita

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 2012 Style

Was Model Mixed With High Fashion & A Side of Street Stylish

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars44Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) 2012 Style:

Was Funky & Still Carrie Inspired

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars42 SJparker

Salma Hayek 2012 Style:

Was Sophisticated Sultry Yet Tamed 

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars41 Salma Hayke

Sofia Vergara 2012 Style:

Was All Mermaid Gowns & Colorfully Chic!

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars43Sofia Vergara

Solonge Knowles 2012 Style :

Was All Mixed Up With Fabulous Prints/Patterns With Sassy!

2012 fashion celebs 68 Stars45 Solange Knowles



4 Comments Add yours

  1. sharon says:

    You’ve got it covered babe! Happy New Year? Whose style do u like best? Sharon at sadeesays

  2. Happy New Year + always j’adore Miranda Kerr’s style~

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks for commenting & Happy New Year To You To! Enjoy 2013 wishes

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