Trend-Popping: Give Your Handbag A Break & Bring Back The Stylish Backpack!!

CSC_0420 Vintage Virgin

Giving your fab handbag a break is actually a good thing, because 2013 is all about taking fashion more minimal. So basically look at a lot of old scenes from Clueless and you’ll realize how simple we’re coming back to.

Wildfox Clueless Spring 2013 Fashion 1990

Truly backpacks are only known for the 1990’s and those restless days in elementary/middle and High school. But the times have changed and we’re moving beyond that with the stylized backpack. With this trend many runways flocked their collection as models rocked them like Alexander Wang & DKNY

DKNY & Alexander Wang Backpacks 2013


I’ve been a fan of backpacks since forever, and so I can’t trash this trend if you paid me. As a on current 1990’s lover I’m amazed by this comeback, sliding it’s way onto 2013 back door. Yet these backpacks are updated and give the ones a run for it’s money.

2Backpack 2012

They’re extremely detailed now and full sparkles, prints, studs, designer labels and edge. In the past they were either baby doll like, or really fuzzy with only a few colors to pick from.

Now there’s many to choose from and many ways to style them. But their sizes are still either super small or medium size. But their popularity strongly grew around August of last year and been a must-have ever since. With so many to declare your fave it’s hard to pick just one to wear.

But one thing that’s certain is the vintage/newer ones chosen by the fashion power house Chanel


3Backpack 2012 Chanel Trend

Fashion blogger tse parfait
Fashion blogger tse parfait

Chanel Tweed Backpack

I’ve owned some back in my little but now I’m ready to try on the revamped ones. But there’s also the popular leather or faux leather backpacks, they’re common yet wearable among many models, blogger, and celebs.


Rihanna fendi backpack and Gucci backpack

Ashley Olsen The Row Backpack

fur street style brown backpack

Fashion Agony blog

So I’ve came up with different styles that could be mixed in with the 1990’s style to now.

These boards show off the edginess any 2013 backpack can be if you add dashes of something different.

xWhat's In The Bag 1990's Backpack Updated!

The 1991 Studded Chic Girl 

xStreet Style Trend ~ Edgy Backpack Star!

The Glam Rock Pops With Leopard Girl

xGlam Rock Backpack Street Style!

The Fabulous Meets Chanel Girl

xThe Fabulous Backpack With Chanel

The In Vogue We Trust Sparkles Girl

xStreet Chic ~ Sparkle Backpack!

Overall the Backpack trend needs some quirky styles to help ring in the fall/winter season!

But I think these backpacks are front-runners for Spring/Summer 2013 so bring on the Bright/Flower/Funky ones.

studded/spiked backpacks

4Backpack Trend 2012

Different backpacks

It’s challenging to change up from a cool handbag to a backpack.  But it’s 2013 so let the fashion resolutions began!

Chanel mini backpacks from owners E-Dropoff store

Thanks So Much

Brittany J.


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