Eco-Fab Just Got Edgy: Featuring FrockLA Versatile Designs + L.A. Style Interview!

Frock LA

There’s something  amazing about mixing flexibility, with function when it comes to critiquing the wardobe. I’ve come across many brands and if they bring me into fashion tears, then I’m all ears. So recently I wanted to showcase a brand I saw online, and give you many reasons why this brand needs your fashion attention.


With the rise of LBD & LWD becoming such a power packed look, it’s no wonder why we adore wearing them. And that’s where FROCKLA lies in, their eco-friendly fabrics had a divine way of modernizing such a timeless look. It shocked me at first glance because of how body flattering it is among different body types. I love the way these dresses look, and how it hugs the areas that matters. But their name sums up the magnetism of throwing on, each piece without worrying about zippers or buttons. It’s all calculating the fit yet hold shape around the body.


Literally I’ve never seen such a coolness among a simple dress. But what’s even better is their message among the fashion world, and use of keeping everything versatile. They’ve remixed the traditional Little Black Dress into something edgy, yet you can mix and match them with anything in your closet.



Yet each look has a special name to showcase the savvy factor of their muses!

Selecting any dress or look with a name carries a novel way of wearing and buying.

Their Little White Dress shows us that spring/summer isn’t suppose to be safe.


Frock LA 1

Also They’ve been Linked On Many Celebs Like Britney Spears, Leighton Meester & Vannessa Curry & Patrica Field 

FROCK LA Girl Leighton

Here’s A Preview of Their Latest Collection

S/S 2013 Eco-Chic Rose Garden


Now Here’s A Great Interview Between The Owner & Co-Owner of FrockLA

FROCK Los Angeles Ceo & Founder, Victoria Tik and CCO & Co-Founder, Ian Maxion

~Their interview is a great reflection of what fashion will become in the future~ 

So Enjoy!


1.) It’s 2013 So What Major Trends Are You Hoping To Conspire Within FrockLA This Year?

 What’s Some of Your Fave Trends This Year?

Victoria: We will continue to push that subtle is sexy, that’s why we are hugely into backless gowns and designs. We want this to be the year women, (who haven’t been), start paying attention to their bodies and what flatters them.

Let this be the year everyone ups their style a notch! Some of my favorite trends for the current year are the feminine colors, we saw a lot of blush and red at the Golden Globes and I loved it. Soft hair and pretty makeup are in place for Spring and that’s a look that every woman can pull off.

2.) With The City of Los Angeles Being The West Coast Staple of Fashion,  

Do You Think You Two Would Want To Tackle & Create A Frock NYC? 

Ian: This is something Vic and I talk about all the time… and FROCK Men’s!

Victoria: Absolutely, that’s in the plan. We’d love to create a couture collection with organic silk gowns and hemp fibers, more structured dresses in wools and crepes as part of FROCK N.Y. Perhaps a wedding collection, and then who knows, FROCK Miami can be sustainable swimwear. 

3. What Is The One Thing You Look For When You & Ian Are Designing A FrockLA Look?

Victoria: I really look to the complete package. I make sure that the piece is versatile and the end result can be spun in many different ways through styling. Then it’s always important the look is comfortable, (perhaps that’s the most important thing, I’m not about fussy fashion.) After all, the collection is about being able to make a grand entrance without much effort at all. 

4.) I Love The Way You Two Turned The LBD +LWD Into Something Edgy & Different,

What Gave The Two of You The Idea To Update Such Famous Dresses?

Victoria: When I started out after college, I got a job at a very famous ad. agency in the city. I was so excited, I thought here I am… I’m going to get a brand new wardrobe and look like I stepped out of a VOGUE magazine every day.

Then the reality sets in, the days are long and fashion is not terribly functional at times. I didn’t want to give up on looking the part, it’s absolutely important to make a great impression every day, especially in the office, but anything that was remotely comfortable was too either too mature or not fashion forward. So I created a few pieces, (just for myself), and I thought… you know what, this is what the world is missing. (And by that, I do mean the world because men appreciate women looking lovely just as much as the woman herself).  

5.) I Know Designers Get Inspiration From Mood Boards All The Time,

So What Was The One or Two Inspirations You Two Had For The Latest S/S 2013 Collection?  

Victoria: Ian came to me and was really inspired by a W magazine photo shoot with Angelina Jolie. We thought a rose garden would be the perfect setting and that sort of transpired into my using the blush color. That photo shoot was totally on our mood board. And Miss Jolie, she’s very glamorous without doing too much.

6.) What’s The 5 Things You/Ian Couldn’t Live Without?

Victoria: I can’t live without lip balm, my computer, a good pair of boots, my cats, and my loved ones. 

Ian: Camera, my loved ones, a great blazer, my dog Jax, and coffee. 

 7.) With Eco-Friendly Fashion Becoming Bigger Every Year, What’s You & Ian’s Outlook On It In The Future?

Do You Feel It Would Be More of A Demand In The Industry?

Victoria: I believe it will only grow and I hope we can continue to raise fashion expectations. Once people do a little research and learn that A, it’s not a sacrifice, and B that it’s only beneficial to you, the world, and your neighbors… there’s no reason why not to when there’s a choice.

Ian: It’s actually funny because so many of our clients don’t even know our brand is sustainable, at first they love the collection, and then they learn about it being sustainable and that’s how we intend to educate consumers. Kind of a bait and switch tactic! But hey, it’s working. 


Thanks To The Owners At FROCKLA



Have A Wonderful Weekend!

Brittany J.


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  1. lycly says:

    I love their style! These dresses are so flattering, classic and trendy – all at the same time. Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  2. I just say that I love every single dress featured in this post!

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