World of Fashion: High Gloss Featuring Lakshmi Menon For Vogue India February Issue!


This is bit different then my Picture Lust pieces, they’re always fun to do but I wanted to feature something else. I’m a big fan of traveling, and even though I’ve never been out of the US I still would like to see other countries. So I’m featuring something called World of Fashion where it’s more global style then the usual elements.

I’ve noticed so much within fashion but very little, on the millions of collections done by world famous designers. It’s a bit weird to never see other fashion weeks besides the four NYFW, PFW, MFW, and LFW we all know and loved. Also their fashion magazines are big in other countries as well, so here’s one of Vogue’s amazing new cover.

What I adore most about this editorial is the Metallic outerwear, and how edgy it feels without adding too much. There’s a great mixture of S/S 2013 trends yet they overshadowed it with mystery.

With India’s Fave Actress On The Cover: Kareena Kapoor Khan


Fashion Editorial: LAKSHMI MENON

It’s A Very Edgy Collection of Pictures

Shot By: Kevin Sinclair 

Stylist Andrew Holden



lakshmi-menon-kevin-sinclair-vogue-india-01 (2)



Brittany J.


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