A Trendy Moment: Beetlejuice Ain’t Got Nothing On These Striped Pants & Jeans!

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Stripes, Stripes & So Much More! Indeed the fashion world is changing, and they’re popping out caged in monochrome colors. Which means one thing the use of an oldie but goodie trend striped pants and major jeans. Stripes have been around for years and even though their associated with jail bait stripes, circus shows, and Beetlejuice the movie. There’s more that meets the eye with them, because of  their fashion elements.

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~This Week: What’s Hot Are Striped Pants/Jeans ~

What's Hot This week Stripe It Up PantsJeans!

So your wondering what’s the big deal with them, well they consist of many styles. And the best part is how flattering they are this season thanks to the wonders of 2013 RTW

season. But more importantly the world of striped this and that  just got updated ,and I’m not talking about the leggings. So here’s the thing with crazy stripes it’s fun, to wear if your into pushing the envelope and like standing out of the crowd. I am in love with this trend mainly because of how stripes give off  a style statement. I’ve been rocking stripes for years but won’t pass these if I saw them on any rack.

e95bcebb056caf785d1658f73498b834Taylor Tomasi Hill

But let’s give a few designers their props for bringing the trend back and making them bolder then ever before. 

Like The World of Marc Jacobs & Balmain (Two of My Favorite Designers)

Marc Jacobs 2013 Spring and Summer Ready to wear stripes

Balmain stripes spring 2013 rtw

Also The Queen of The Legendary Stripes Goes To Taylor Thomasi Hill aka TTH

She’s Moda Operandi’s Artistic Director & always in check with the trends!

Taylor Tomasi Hill style stripes logo

The Celebs Can’t Get Enough of These Hot New Pants!Celebs in Striped pants and jeans miley cyrus, Rihanna, Fergi and Heidi klum

Now Here’s The Major Ways To Wear Them If Your Trendy Lover!

fashion bloggers in stripes style pantry

Strike A Pose In The Striped Long Pants Or Cuffed!

Striped pants trendy 2013

The Color Me Cool Stripes Meets Side Stripe Pants & Jeans!


one vertical striped jeans trendy meets color pants 2013

Then We Have The Keep It Bold With Striped Jeans!


Striped jeans marliyan monroe stripes trendy 2013

Wearing A Pair Of These High Demand Pants Won’t Cost You A Fortune Which Is Always Great!

Jordan Striped Jeans by Motel
Only $75 From Topshop
Zara Pleated Striped Trousers
Only $80 (Find Many More At Zara)

Striped jeans from Sold Design Lab teen vogue

Pictures Courtesy of: Pinterest & Style.com & Popsugar


4 Comments Add yours

  1. fashoscope says:

    I bought a pair of the black and white striped a couple of years ago and thought they would never come back in…very happy i can bring them out again! I also love the flared styles xx

  2. Lots of great “stripe” inspiration…
    thank you~

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