Picture Lust Meets NYC: Vogue Japan April 2013 With Liya Kebede & David Agbodji!


Time to break out the picture lusting pics that seems to revolve around Vogue this time. For some reason Vogue magazines has been popping out great editorials, and this one is no exception.  This fab collection of pics are rare yet very different and worth talking about. This month is Black History Month and so I’m dedicating this post to this important month, which will be over in some hours. But still it’s been a busy one to say the least yet, and each picture lust I do it’s all about the message they bring. I’ve seen so many pretty or wild fashion editorials online lately.

This segment of NYC is done with twist features

Vogue Japan With Doutzen Kroes As Covergirl

~Fashion Editorial Called~

The Vanishing Underground

Supermodel Liya Kebede & Male Model David Agbodji

We’re drifted into the underground transit system of the subway yet it’s all done with a high fashion element. Of course we’ve seen the subways play a big part, in getting us around yet their exposed through the glossy pages of magazines.

So Enjoy!

the-vanishing-underground-9Vogue Japan April 2013
On Aboard To Style
the-vanishing-underground-3Vogue Japan April 2013
Love, Lust & Balenciaga
the-vanishing-underground-1Vogue Japan April 2013
Crowd Around Pose-Off
the-vanishing-underground-4Vogue Japan April 2013
Glam Graffiti Sit Down
the-vanishing-undergroundVogue Japan April 2013
McQueen Glance
the-vanishing-underground-5Vogue Japan April 2013
Electric Window Craving
the-vanishing-underground-7Vogue Japan April 2013
~Rock What U Got Duo~
Tunnel of Mixed Prints
the-vanishing-underground-8Vogue Japan April 2013
The Balmain Fab Ride

Super Thanks

Brittany J.


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