Spring 2013 Trend To Try: Heel Hopping With The Low-Heel Shoe + FAB Video!


Well there’s no need to click twice because there’s a new heel coming into town. And we’re not in High Heel Land anymore. Meaning it’s a brand new heel that’s a mix on the kitten and the block heel by calling them the Low Heel look.

ZEBRA HEELS! fall 2012, Charlotte Olympia, shoes, mid-heels
Charlotte Olympia, shoes, mid-heels (ZEBRA HEELS)

I’ve been inspired to review these shoes as something to try. I still love my heels because they add a huge height index for me : ). But sometimes if there’s no pain there’s no gain and that’s why so many fashion players are rocking them.

gianvito rossi sandals, love the studded low heel

Because that pain from those danger heels are no joke it’s how style changes. Which reflects solely on the runways , the streets,  the red carpet and even when we’re out and about.


I got a wake-up call when I read that our favorite fashion maven SJP.  She had to stop wearing high heels because of how they messed up her feet. Which was a bit shocking because their so fun to wear yet fashionable. But it’s wise to know which brand you’re wear, because walking in them all day isn’t great either.


It’s a tricky thing to just end all heels, but here’s a way to wear those heels without rubbing alcohol (LOL Like I’ve had to). Because this trendy mid/low heel look is becoming quite a thing, and your not actually losing any fierceness that you thought you’ve missed.

Isa Tapia Mirna Low-Heel Pumps
Isa Tapia Mirna Low-Heel Pumps

I adore anything Carrie/SJP wears we all have, but that story made me think so I found a lot about this look. Another fashion power player rocks in this trend as well. The up-close & fab Shala Monroque a muse on the scene of street style is always wearing something only she loves.


And we adore the looks she’s pulled off over the years, yet she wears a range of shoes. But her love for the low heel is quite common and useful if think about it.


She doesn’t stop from one fashion scene onto the next so these heels make sense on those grounded streets. Yet with everything she wears it works with her personality and I can’t disagree with the looks she tries. It’s vintage with modern twist and very easy flow with a mix of simplicity.

Fendi Mid Heel in Red Multi
The Fendi Mid Heel In Red Multi

Yet the use of these isn’t for just street style individuals. It’s celebrated with the likes of runway shows Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013 & Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton 2013.

ImageProxy (1)Spring 2013 Trend

Pictures7 Marc Jacobs 2013 and Louis Viutton Spring

It’s popular all over and easy to set trends if your looking for a great low-sandal this season.

These Bloggers & Celebs Are Easily Setting Up With The Look In A Stylish Way.





Tommy Ton Shoots the Street-Style Scene at the Fall 2013 Shows Low Heels

Emmanuel alt heels


♥ block heels


172cefd16acbfMarc jacobs 2013 low heels


It’s A Big World of Low Heels Trailing The Trendy Streets & I Think It’s Needed I Mean Why Not Have Something Comfortable On This Season!

Enjoy This Video From FabSugar/PopSugar On Where You Can Find A Pair!


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  1. Elli Agars says:

    Great collection!! Not sure how i feel about the low heel, but it would be a lot easier to work into day wear, rather than a skyscraper heel! Food for thought… x x

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