A Little Edginess Is All It Takes: I’m Crystal Crushed For Concrete Polish Jewels!

3concrete polish29333915_n

Just when jewelry couldn’t get any cooler it did, and this collection of pieces gave me a  reason to love  heavy metals.

Here’s a brand that’s featured now on Sadee Says which is what drew me to them, and what they offer for the new age of jewelry making.


Crystals have always held a special place since some years back when I visited Arizona. So wearing them as jewelry has been something I’ve fallen in love with. Sometimes I gravitate toward jewelry designers that represent that it’s my go-to thing. I’m a bit edgy yet not so much. I like to keep things simple yet interesting when it comes to accessories.


The world around Concrete Polish stems down to four elements. These four elements are intriguing, all of these pieces are hand-crafted and well made in their showroom in Philadelphia PA.

concrete polish 3

Yet they carry one element of change by enriching their finest work with recycled jewelry. An mixing industrial materials that’s environment friendly, yet conscious free from the usual metals.

concrete polish angela showroom

The other element is the owner/designer of this fab brand, Angela Monaco is skilled for creating her ideas into reality. Her love for crystals also gave her the notion to form Concrete Polish. By introducing to us a new form of meddling with metals. With quality stones like geodes, pyrite, crystals.

576085concrete polish

Her pieces tells a story that reads presence with spirituality meets style. Which is why I’m loving the items she creates, there’s a fondness of excellence with her jewelry making. Validating how their made, and having us want them keeps the buyers coming. I’m not into jewelry making, but I appreciate the craft as a powerful art form.

angela concrete polish

concrete polish 2

So with famous bloggers like Trop RougeNatalie Swarez (Natalie Off Duty), and the actresses from Pretty Little Liars (Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell). Wearing her delicate but eye-catching jewels is assured that her pieces are a divine hit among the masses. It’s jewelry for the gypsy gone rocker dashed with subtlety which what makes its a worth wearing brand.

Pictures11concrete polish

The collections she created revolves around what she loves . So with the other two elements that’s centered around Concrete Polish includes her recent lookbook called (Carbon Future) & (Crystal Crushed Collection) & (Classics Collection)

concrete polish carbon future

concrete polish

concrete polish p

Finally Here’s Some of The Pieces I Loved That Can Be Found On Both

 Concrete Polish & Sadee Says

30b862f83b8ad99289eb2adbe668db27New Meteor Necklace! Comes in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, or Oxidized Silver!

cop-0006Concrete Polish Celestial Eyes Ring - Silver

61d707571e6600bfc8e032e0b734143bConcrete Polish Small Crystal Studs - Rose Gold 7ded79b5d25925e8674fba3f7a95ceadConcrete Polish Stones and Bones ring

0f24f1b0990a9191770605996889c06fConcrete Polish Meteor Necklace

cop-0005Concrete Polish Celestial Eyes Ring - Rose Gold

33385faba7a27036555123451611c0caConcrete Polish

Thanks Again & Enjoy!

Brittany J.


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  1. bravechica says:

    Simply Gorge !!!

  2. stylebaby105 says:

    Thanks So Much glad you like the pieces!

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