Holographic Chic: Reflect Your Style With The New Metallic Mirror Heels + Wedges!

Metallic Heels Hot Trend Striped

Reflecting and giving your heels an alter ego is very much in this season. Which could mean only one thing, it’s trend popping time. So far my trend meter for spring fashion has been alerting me of what’s worth buying and what’s worth viewing. Yet the world of metallic is a look for the on the go stylista or stylisto.

4366a87402a4fe8d89c121c8a29409eb #celine #gold #silver #shoes 2013 MFW Metallic heels

But what’s great about these mirrored splash heels are the diverse kinds that’s available. As well as the many fans who loves wearing them, and how subtle they can be once worn. I’m a huge fan of anything shiny and these trendy shoes speaks just that. My favorites are the Metallic Wedges, and the pink and silver ones are so interesting.  I’ll love to rock a pair this season, because with the runways and street style lovers debuting them I was instantly drawn in.

22daef8e7b8f234c938101f652b77f48Alexander Wang Anais silver loafer pump!

dwhite on white trend and street style stockholm

ea9cStreet Style Shoes: Shala Monroque

607Metallic Céline heels

metallic heels street style5fbcc90234

green dress and +white#AlexanderWang #PhillipLim

Below Are The Designer Metallic Heels/Wedges & The Ones That Won’t Cost You So Much!


e61f186e23d3261e4b8c3e701374133eCELINE gold metallic heels
CELINE Gold Metallic Heels/Wedges

celine mirror heels wedges de6989e4ec

Burberry Prorsum

423977026b91c38246f8d60eb9eb4b4fBurberry Prorsum Mirrored leather and python wedge pumps
Burberry Prorsum Mirrored Wedge Pumps

674f8d33562ce20808421c1eceac852bBurberry Prorsum Spring 2013 Metallic Wedges

1446022_fpxDKNY Women's Shoes, Haydee Platform Wedge Sandals
DKNY Women’s Shoes, Haydee Platform Wedge Sandals $130

Giuseppe Zanotti

da1a46ef99f8c834de3c32759dbab869Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Heels

BGX1BAW_axGiuseppe Zanotti Mirror Patent Leather Pump
Giuseppe Zanotti Mirror Patent Leather Pump

Alexander Wang

5641866d25b8f4cfe636932c7cc3e81balexander wang 'anais'

06c7lalexander wang anais

c44d0838111422ac4be84f2e1449cea3Alexander Wang Anais Metallic Leather Loafer Pumps
Alexander Wang Anais Metallic Leather Loafer Pumps
CUX1NRB_mxImalia Evening Sandal, Silver S
Schutz Imalia Evening Sandal, Silver $185

Yves Saint Laurent/ Saint Laurent

85618fe8a322254f60c1d38f16dac478YSL Mirror Pumps

d02643890a96bfdfc3a2fcbd078c3649YSL Mirrored heel, awesome black pump
YSL Mirrored Heel Black Pump
Fullscreen capture 492013 71718 PM.bmp
RACHEL Rachel Roy Karol Dress Sandals $99

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Silver Mirror Prism Pump
22069.0.zoomBullet Platform Pump - Hologram
Bullet Platform Pump Hologram $155

Here’s A Mirrored Reflection of Heels Previewed By Famous Blogger & Celebs!

VivaLuxury Blogger & Her Silver Alice + Olivia Odell Mirrored Wedge Pumps!


bfad8a40d7da6009ee9ec24341818a70Jimmy Choo Biel mirrored-leather wedge pumps
Jimmy Choo Biel Mirrored Wedge

(Carrie Diaries Star)+ Anna Sophia Rob Rocking The Jimmy Choo Mirror Pumps In Gold & Silver!

Pictures10Sophia ann mirror pumps

2225425-p-MULTIVIEWTruth or Dare by Madonna Shoes, Halette Pumps
Truth or Dare by Madonna Halette Pumps Gold Mirror $84

Here’s Emmy Rossum The Shameless Follower of Both Jimmy Choo Mirror Pumps & Rupert Sanderson Pumps!


Pictures15Truth or Dare by Madonna Shoes, Halette Pumps Blue +Pink Mirror
Truth or Dare by Madonna Halette Pumps (Blue & Pink) $84

d2a53548838861fashion Blogger Wearing Our Jeffrey Campbell Metallic Wedges

Thanks & Enjoy Something Metallic This Season!

Brittany J.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Definitely lovin’ the metallic mirror look as well…
    and a great look for any spring {style} début~

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks For The Comment ~ I know i’m loving them too and their everywhere!

  2. Ugh yes it holographic accessories are all over! Love it, you got them all! 🙂

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks For The Fab Comment (Your so right it’s a big thing this season,:)

  3. FreeUrCloset says:

    Loving metallic! Awesome shoes.

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks for commenting! metallic shoes are becoming very fun this season,

  4. fiammisday says:

    Really love all of them!!!! Kisses

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks for the chic comment (glad u liked it) : )

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