Picture Lusting: Harper’s Bazaar Model of The Moment ~ Sui He Sizzled Looks!

b9543074f22cbb7dea7ce2bf75f92e00Harper's Bazaar EUA Mayo 2013

May has got to be one of the hottest fashion months along with September. Because this set of pics are all featuring one amazing model this month. The world of modeling has a way of giving just enough fashion candy without overdoing it. And the newest model of the moment is creating something only fashion power players would call “High Fashion”.

sui he street style and hair

Sui He is rocking both editions of Harper’s Bazaar May US & Hong Kong issue in a fierce way. This way I had to post these pics because their done in striking yet amusing way. It’s all about giving couture an street view attitude, which is customary for us to want to wear these gowns. But the cool way their photographed sends us all on a night fashion hunt.

Recently the community of Asian models within the fashion industry, have grown completely and I think that’s a great thing. As a believer I love seeing all cultures working in the fashion industry even though it’s taking some time to improve. The industry is still trying and that’s always a good thing. It has some ways to go before they’ll acknowledge more models of color. But until then I’ll accept the improvement that’s happening now within the industry.

Moving along I’m giving this Picture Lust a high ranking along with many others, because I’m so in love with the styling and overall story each collection of pics give off. The first set is all soft yet alluring and couture friendly. The second set is all daring, mysterious, and a bit dark but the make-up and lighting wins by far

So Enjoy & Thanks Again!

Brittany J.

Sui He, Harpers Bazaar US, May 2013 s
The Gallery Queen!
Sui He, Harpers Bazaar US, May 2013
Statue of Pure Style!
tumblr_mlq87nldC31qa4ahwo5_1280SUI HE IN THE BEST OF COUTURE
~The Wheel of Blazing Wonders~
tumblr_mlq87nldC31qa4ahwo7_1280SUI HE IN THE BEST OF COUTURE
Golden Fences & Couture Dances
tumblr_mlq87nldC31qa4ahwo1_1280SUI HE IN THE BEST OF COUTURE
Giambattista Valli Meets Paris At Night!
tumblr_mlq87nldC31qa4ahwo6_1280SUI HE IN THE BEST OF COUTURE
~ The Fashionable Walker ~

Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong  May 2013 Issue

Sui-He-Harpers-Bazaar-Hong-Kong-Gan-01Sui He for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong by Gan

Sui-He-Harpers-Bazaar-Hong-Kong-Gan-03Sui He for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong by Gan
Standing Up For A Style Moment!
Sui-He-Harpers-Bazaar-Hong-Kong-Gan-04Sui He for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong by Gan
Double Feature Fab
Sui-He-Harpers-Bazaar-Hong-Kong-Gan-05Sui He for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong by Gan
~Posing Out of The Ordinary~
Sui-He-Harpers-Bazaar-Hong-Kong-Gan-02Sui He for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong by Gan
Mysterious Meets Fine Lines!

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