On The Go Style: A Designer Hot-Shot Moment With Jessica Faulkner + Video!

SLIDE1-e1366674451990Jessica Faulker

Every now and then I like to scout new designers that need some fashion attention. And since there’s so many up and coming designers, popping along the runways it’s become a interesting task. But overall I find some that really peak my interest and thought this designer would be great to share.

When it comes to on the go fashion, it’s either too edgy, too boring, or too minimal. Yet this new designer and her collection reflects the new way to wear on the go looks.

Jessica Faulkner logo

Here’s the insider scoop on the Californian designer with the creative skills for mixing taliored with the modern everyday girl.

3Jessica Faulkner designer

Jessica Faulkner designer bio

The San Diego native has a knack for adding such chic little details. Jessica Faulkner has a thing for creating sassy meets athletic clothes. Their durable and they add the quickness of the contemporary girl with a decent price tag.  I notice immediately the striking small but bold details like the circle panel designs, and fly away print featuring birds. These breezy finds are all featured from her latest collection easily pulling off the Californian vibe well.

Jessica Faulkner Spring and summer 2013

SLIDE4-e1366674353928Jessica Faulker

SLIDE3-e1366674401606Jessica Faulker


SLIDE5-e1366674329553Jessica Faulker

But importantly I’m always amazed by the work each designer does with their own collection and she does a great job with textiles and prints. With any collection comes the idea of how to make each collection better then before and from her other collections she’s doing that and so much more.

~With All of Her Main Fashion Moments,

One Had To Be From Last Year When She Debuted At Fashion Week San Diego ~

 Fashion week San diego.png




Here’s Some Looks From Her Last Collections!

Progressive style Jessica Faulkner



859363_507672202618961_1409122643_oThe Hannah Dress from AW 2013 Jessica Faulkner

Overall her amazing style accomplishments has gathered up some great looks, for the girl

whose in need of something polished but likes classic unique items.

I like her fashionable frocks and the way she spins the tailored meets printed pop look. I’m a fan of details and those circle panel pants and shirt are striking.

A Sneak Peek Moment: Look Out For Her Holiday 2013 Collection!

Holiday Fashion Jessica Faulkner
The Lena Jacket $298 & The Lola Pant $198
Holiday 2013 Jessica Faulkner
The Hazel Dress $198

Check Out The Fashion Week San Diego Interview: With Jessica Faulkner!

Thanks Again,

Brittany J.


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  1. lousstylenotes says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I especially love all the pants. Hope to see more of her designs

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