A Style Icon Indeed: Shop Marilyn Monroe’s Inspired Closet!

Marilyn Monroe in hot red dress from movie NIAGRA.

It’s no surprise that I’m a Marilyn Monroe style fan, I’ve featured her campaigns and movie moments before. Yet she’s always evolving somewhere or into something new every year. Which is way there’s a new intro to the Monroe brand and I thought it would interesting to share. Since June is her birthday month this became, another savvy opportunity to share one brand new website quest to reinvent her style.

Marilyn Monroe in LIFE

For years I’ve been wanting to see new ways to re-do some of her famous movie style looks. With this assumption came another website who came up with the idea to feature her grand looks as a digital closet for us girl’s in mind.

Stylitics is a Virtual Closet platform for the web specializing in creating, buying and organizing your virtual outfits.  It’s all about keeping fashion different and showing us a new way to rock some of our fave styles. I think it’s great to add a new style icon every month and their pictorial outfits.  From the co-founder Zach Davis “We can’t wait to share Marilyn’s digital closets with her fans”. “Her style has impacted generations after her, and it’s exciting to represent both her vintage and modern style. 

Marliyn Monroe Stylicics

Marilyn monroe  signature

Marliyn Monroe Stylicics.jpg4

With the help of Authentic Brands Group owner: Nick Woodhouse “For the first time ever, fans will be able to browse Marilyn’s vintage looks alongside the modern Marilyn collection.  

It’s exciting to think about what Marilyn would be wearing if she were walking around New York City today, and we’re thrilled to work with Stylitics to help bring this to life.” Launching today is the style icon endless pics, molding the modern pieces we wear today. It’s a grand idea and so far I’m wondering what Stylitics will bring next month.

Marilyn Monroein red

5. Modern Marilyn - items.PNG

I found the site and digital closets extremely innovative, and creative if your into online closet shopping and in need of some style inspiration. Here’s some of the views of the closet and looks featuring Marilyn Monroe candid yet chic pics and how you can view them yourself. Shopping at Stylitics has become new for me but I think any new company is worth it and interesting to try.

Marilyn monroe and black and white LIFE mag

Marliyn Monroe Stylicics.jpg3

1. Marilyn Monroe closets - landing page.PNG

Marilyn monroe pin up

2. Vintage Marilyn  - outfits.PNG

3. Vintage Marilyn - outfit cover image.PNG

Marilyn Monroe diamonds are girl's best friend pink dress

Thanks So Much,

Brittany J.


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  1. bravechica says:

    Great Post . I Love Marilyn . She Inspires me Tremendously !!!

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