The Tree of Life Stuns Video: With Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 Couture Collection!

tumblr_mpfhhlfMLj1qcru4eo3_500Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

Zuhair-Murad500Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

8f2177ee1c75c466a76fc654bc529174Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

15c8f98b2446ce6419d3935a59fa70caZuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

4124dab49d10fcbbc905e470289de361Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

012310a832755beb4e1119d785cfca76Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

8c5461207770a75408394dbfd48b0d55Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013



a291c7feb8d04faec312b3c6ec7041cfZuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

c5ab40b4e782ad0290de252476bb6be1Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

e6f4ca4e371dc1baead646950c12860aZuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

tumblr_mpfhhlfMLj1qcru4eo2_500Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

c5bd54543e251846377bd591be061633Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

feeca30b80306f8893e1a893eefb8f15Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

8479b6d98dc78a1a8b8f85ef5b180b40Zuhair Murad couture

f42a2eda60b438a7d2058aff182aa9c6Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

~Zuhair Murad 2013 F/W Couture Collection Video ~ 


6 Comments Add yours

  1. When it comes to sexy elegance, no one can even touch Zuhair Murad. Stunning collection (and can I please get married in that last look?!)

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      I know it was an amazing collection! Your right last look was fab as a wedding dress. Thanks For The Comment!

  2. amazing dresses that are all “red-carpet-worthy!”

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Indeed they are all red carpet worthy (Thanks for commenting : )

  3. Zuhair Murad’s signature tattoo-style embroidery, sequins and/or lace applications always, always intrigue~

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