Style Crazed: Jewelry Trend Worth Wearing “Mickey’s Girl Mini Rings”


Okay sometimes jewelry just need it’s own city, because there’s always something to wear or want. In this case it’s more of an obsessed hobby to collect extra accessories. I’ve had a thing for collecting jewelry that catches my eye or keep me guessing but I also like simple pieces as well.

Luckily there’s trends to help with that, and with the craziness of ring parties I just had to join in.

mini knuckle ring

This ring thing is a big trend sweeping through the stages of e-shops and stores all over. So I came across this really cool E-shop that offers great items when your in need of a quick fashion or accessory pick me up. Mickey’s Girl has some trendy items for a great price so I fell in love with their items and accessories. 


Mickey's Girl site mini rings

I have been looking for small or petite rings for a while now, and found her site which caters to any ring size you need. It’s a cool site with savvy clothing too, they’re Cali lovers so the shop reflects that well.

Mickey's Girl site mini rings.jpg2

But what’s even better are the prices and the wide selection she carries. I believe her accessories are truly worth adding to the wishlist. If you’re trying to keep up with the jewelry trends this season.

The rings I got are easy to wear, and I’m having a thing for hammered gold and rose gold items lately. But the Thin Rose Gold rings are $2 each are fun to buy in sets. Yet the set of 3 Gold Dagger Rings are sold out now, but they may re-stock soon they’re only $9. Overall they’re lightweight and ideal for the summer season which is what makes them so stylish.

IMG_20130528_162403 mini rose gold rings




Thanks So Much & Enjoy!!!

Brittany J.


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