Jeans Galore: Keeping The Blues Alive With These 3 Unique Denim Styles!

2Mira Duma Street Style Fshion Week Chanel Denim

Keeping the denim trend alive can be extremely fun or annoying if your trying out everyone. But luckily I’ve seen some cool ways to keep the denim voice singing with 3 new ways to rock favorable look.

DENIM polyvore

There’s this influx of new ways to show off your distinctive denim, yet there’s some jean inspired looks that won’t go away.They offer the top areas we all look for in a common denim inspired look, but they’re more simplistic. Plus I haven’t done a fun denim post in such a long time

163defdf bambi armoire denim dress blogger

Of course many denim looks require the attitude and the interest, but a bit of both always help. I’ve seen denim looks turn into real attention grabbers over the years, but some designers and shops are adding their personal touches to the mix which is highly appreciated.

As a trend seeker I’m always amazed at the many looks or style denim can offer yet I’m never bored with what’s become of jeans over the years. 

Flared denim dress fitted look street style

Over the summer months I’ve seen some new ways to make your denim inspired looks, stand out among the same denim skinnies, skirts and jackets. They’re easy to coordinate  with anything and not to hard to match up with your other denim looks.Yet they offer something rare among the world of jeans and designs.

It’s interesting to me why it took so long, for others to create new ways to wear the casually fun trend.

I consider one denim maven/queen we all know. Her looks is categorized everyday as Wild but if we could we would wear them. Rihanna has denim pretty much on speed dial, and I adore what she and her stylist does when comes to street style.

Collages RiRi Rihanna denim looksThere’s been a major denim trend from the 1990’s that has everyone saying “Overalls Finally Are Worth Wearing Again”. Thanks to many celebs and Vanessa Hudgens for bringing them back in a more stylized manner. I can’t say I wasn’t secretly missing the farmer look, since the 1990’s styles hold a such special place in my heart :-).

Collages Pictures14 Vanessa Hudgens denim overalls

It’s more of a trend comeback for the overalls which hasn’t happen in awhile. But there’s even more interesting ways to wear denim these days, and it’s not that simple to find at your regular department store I had to look them up more online. It’s still easy to get and try if you enjoy trying funky trends.

Here’s 3 Distinctive Ways You Can Display Your New Denim This Summer!

Julia from A day in the life of StylonNylon

1:) The Fitted Denim Body Con Dress 

(It’s A More Stylized Yet Fit Way To Wear Your Denim Dress + Without The Bulky or Baggy Feeling)

I love how they look and this one can be found online @ Warehouse or Threadsence


10363_2Anonymous Acid Wash Denim Dress
Anonymous Acid Wash Denim Dress $48
At Threadsence

Denim Dresses Are Major For Any Summer Season Many Bloggers & Julianne Hough Look Is Chic Even Through It’s Not Fitted.

Pictures2julianne hough denim dress street style

Collages1 Denim style 3 new styles dresses

Then We Have The Second Option That’s Been Popping Up On Some & Shown At A Few Online Shops!

2:) The Denim Crop Tops/Shirts 

(I Find Them To Be Really Different & A Step Up Then The Average Shirt + They’re Interesting To Match Up With Any Other Look)

tumblrDenim crop top street style shirt

Collages Cropped Denim Shirts street style Jennifer Lawerence & Olivia Palermo

ImageProxyDenim BUTTON DOWN CROP TOP Selena Gomez

Cropped Tops In General Are Big This Summer Season, But Denim Cropped Shirts Are Also Worth It. Selena Gomez & Olivia P. Have Been Rocking Them + Bloggers!

Finding These Spunky Tops At Topshop Is The Best Way 

ImageProxyDenim Street Style Crop Tops

Another Savvy Look I Would Really Like To Try That Isn’t Too Hard To Pull Off.  

3:) The One-Piece Denim Jumpsuit/Overalls 

(A Major Fashion Staple For Us Fans Who Like To Get Attention The Cool Way + It’s A Great Homage To The 1970’s Jumpsuit Trend)

07denim jumpsuit blogger

Finding Your 1- Piece Denim Jumpsuit Is Mainly Online Thanks To Polyvore

ImageProxyDenim JumpsuitGwen Stefani

 Having To Wear Any One-Piece Denim Look I Bet Is The Comfort, Along With The Easiness It Carries. Gwen Stefani, Zoe Saldana, & Rachel Zoe & Other Bloggers Pulls It Off Effortlessly.

Collages Pictures11 denim style jumpsuits

Collages Zoe Saldana Funky Denim style street

Overall I’m pleased with the many distinctive ways we can rock our denim these days. It’s refreshing yet a unique way to stay stylishly comfortable.

Ashley Makewike Overalls denim street style

Thanks Again,

Brittany J. 


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