Our Polished Fab Friend: Getting It Right With The Classic White Blazer!


Summer still has plenty of weeks left and even though we’re already sensing fall trends. It’s still time to brush up on this style staple I’ve grown to love. Of course some blazers/jackets are a girl’s best friend. But there’s just one blazer that stands up there against  the chic black blazer

66e94357c391ae7dc8f924bfa47d9ea6Leopard top + white blazer with the hot pink bag!

It’s the legendary classic white blazer it’s effective by giving us something chic but not over powering

747035532de208d1e14fe8aca4b9da33Whitney White Blazer 60 euro
Whitney White Blazer

Indeed this chic blazer has plenty of useful ways to wear it, and that’s where the trend takes place. It’s one demanding color when the sizzle season begin. There’s still sometime to wear them just before (Labor Day). But I find my love for white blazers tricky and worth it yet wearing them everyday isn’t really that easy

Mango And Miranda Kerr white blazer

Since wearing blazers have become so popular lately, I consider this one trendy look a bit timeless. So no matter what year it is, this look will never go out of style. Which is why I find it so plausible to mix in with any wardrobe. But what I can’t deny when wearing them is the over-protection part.

Upclose & personal with White blazers

Seriously I’m always looking over my shoulder when I wear mine it’s kinda crazy. Probably best to wear these blazers during the daytime, that way nothing will lash out on it and create an annoying stain : )

275cc12e5Narciso Rodriguez White And Black Sable Jacket
Narciso Rodriguez White & Black Sable Jacket

There’s about 4 ways to wear this funky blazer and some of them are great combos that can work for any body shape! Below there’s a list of looks that’s beyond summer ready yet the transitional pieces are the best parts.

858bea86632162465rock white blazer

The Basic White Blazer With Denim

* Simple But Chic

 * Easy To Pull Off

* Always Look Great Together

Classic white blazer and denim clean look

The Basic White Blazer With Black Mixed In

* Classic On All Levels

* Great Evening Wear or Daytime Look

* Two of The Coolest Colors That Works

creme classic White blazers and bl

The Basic White Blazer With Color Bottoms & Summer Elements

* Fun To Pull Off With Shorts or Colored Jeans

* Stylish With Solid Colors 

* Feeling Easy Breezy For The Summer

Colorful shorts and bright color looks with white blazers

The Basic White Blazer With Maxi/Skirt/ Dress & Prints

* Mixing In Wild Florals Is Always Fun

* Adding It With A Savvy Maxi Works

* Showing off Your Playful Style

Classic white blazer and summer

~ Here’s Some Celebs & Style Mavens

That Rocked These Hot Blazers During The Summer ~

Celebs Jessica Alba+Kate Mara In Classic Blazers + Jennifer Lawerence+ Charlize + Alicia Keys In White Blazers

Olivia Palermo white blazers and streets style

beyonce-290making black leather shorts and her white Helmut Lang blazer look chic and not too try-hard or severe

J.lo + white blazer

rihanna-435gets in touch with her lighter side on Tuesday, picking an all-white ensemble and showing off some blonde hair

dbc4828 Gwyenth Paltrow white blazer

Adrienne Bailon's G-Shock Shock The World 2013 White Corset, Blazer, and Topshop Animal Print Skinny Trousers

fWhite blazer & denim chic casual! From cashmereinstyle

Overall they’re an crispy clean way to show off any look your trying to pull off.

Either your wearing these blazers with a chunky necklace or statement earrings, anything can go with a white blazer unless it’s after Labor Day haha!

Thanks Again,

Brittany J.


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  1. Reblogged this on LifeStyle Over 40 and commented:
    A great post on the wonders of the white blazer

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks for reblogging : ) believe it or not that post was on hold for months haha ~ so glad you liked it though!

  2. Great selection of pics, I like Gywneth’s mix of ultra-feminine wear toughened up with a masculine-inspired blazer…

  3. Love this post Brit! Just pulled out an old white Blazer, but it’s almost after Labor Day 🙂 I guess I’ll have to break that rule. xoxo VZ

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