Laying Out The Glossy Fab: Accessorizing With Rocks Paper Metal Jewels!


Rocks Paper Metal

b98b6ac60 Rocks Paper Metal Earrings

There’s a little thing called accessorizing and designing when it comes to jewels. Some have designed their collections on jewels alone, and some just need to wear something sparkly. Which I have been gladly loving from a brand that’s been on the fancy radar for quite some time. Indeed this duo have changed the scene by popping out bold colors, and defining the way we wear crystals with neon. 

il_570xN.485652019_i2m9Spiced Pepper Earrings
Rocks Paper Metal ~ Pre-Fall 2013 Collection:
Spiced Pepper Earrings

Rocks Paper Metal is a well known accessory brand that mixes the affordable with the fancy. Just by giving us some major sparkle and living on a shine only motto. They’ve created a new world just by their innovative way of designing pieces we scream “Love It”.

3Sorbet pastel clip on Earrings rpm rocks paper metal

Diana & Kat are the fab duo that started it all out of sunny side of L.A. Which has catapulted them into creating really one-of-kind pieces, that you won’t see others with maybe bloggers. But I think that’s what makes them so unique, and indeed worth talking about, because their items stand out so well.

Some months back I jumped onto the Rocks Paper Metal Scene and brought a few of their items. Since I’m a fan of something sparkly and was always intrigue by their use of colors and designs. I had to find out for myself and since there’s nothing over a $100 it’s steal I’ll say.

Between their pastel collection earrings above and their crystal neon necklace I must say their stunning items.

il_570xN.387536747_4jo9Crystal Bib with Neon Cord

But I also wanted to change how accessories are by setting a little magazine layout shoot. I know it’s seems weird but it was kind of fun to do this. Since this trend is popping up all over the place, plus the mag ads are amazing to look at. So some of the images came from Marie Claire October issue & Vanity Fair September issue.

022Marie Clarie October Vanessa Hudgens 2013 Cover Rocks Paper metal

13 - 1 (12) Magazine Kate Moss hair

13 - 1 (8)

13 - 1 (2)

13 - 1 (10)


13 - 1 (6)

13 - 1 (1)

13 - 1 (3)

Thanks So Much & Enjoy!

Brittany J.


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