Goodbye To One Chic Year: Here’s 20 Stylish Celebs That Rocked 2013!

2013-new-year A Brand New Year Coming & That Means A Look Back At Some Show-Stopping Looks From An Arrangement of Celebs From 2013!

I’m proud to display another set of my favorite celebs & looks. I’m also pleased by the growing viewership, since I started my blog back in August of 2010.


On A Personal Note: It’s been a trying year for me as a blogger and I question is it worth it at times. I’m sure we’ve all questioned it at times. A lot has changed for me this year, and I’ll be going into my 4th year in 2014. So it’s been such a hurdle to jump over yet really fun as well. I’ve done  some amazing things with blogging and will continue with it in 2014.

This post has become kind of popular after 3 years. That’s why I’m bringing it back as an annual thing just like the fashion trends. Over the year celeb style has transformed a lot this year. But there’s no guarantee what they may wear and that goes with the trends we saw this year.  Each look may take you back and some looks were your favorite!

So Kiss 2013 Goodbye!

~Welcome The Monumental 2014 Looks~

Thanks So Much & A Happy New Year To Everyone!

Brittany J.

Beyonce 2013 Style:

Was Iconic & Groundbreaking With A Sparkling Twist

(Loved The Elie Saab Gown & Tom Ford Outfit) 

2013 Best Celeb Looks Beyonce

Blake Lively 2013 Style:

Was Designer Obsessed & Full of Fashionable Glamour

(Loved The Marigold Gucci Dress & Balmain Dress)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Blake Lively

Jennifer Lawrence Style 2013:

Was Dior Friendly & Full of Stylish Energy & Charm

(Loved The Dior Peplum White Dress & The Sheer Gown)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Jennifer Jawrence

Jennifer Lopez 2013 Style: 

Was Sheer Genius Mixed In With Astonishing Luxe Details

(Loved That MK Gown @ The MET & The 2013 Grammy’s Dress)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba 2013 Style:

Was Sassy Chic & Full of Trendy Moments We Deemed Inspiring (Indeed Loved The Pink & Black Look & Among Many Others)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Jessica Alba

Joan Smalls 2013 Style:

Was A Model Citizen For The Runway/Red Carpet & Stylish

(Loved The MET Tome Ford Gown)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Joan Smalls

Kate Middleton 2013 Style:

Was Maternity Fab & London Charming Along With Dashing Looks (Loved Those Repeated Looks & Sparkle Gown)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Kate Middleton Duchess

Kerry Washington 2013 Style:

Was Scandalous Chic & Elegant With Such Supreme Details

(Loved That 2013 Golden Globe Dress & The Stella M Dress)

2013  Best Celeb Looks Kerry Washington

Miranda Kerr 2013 Style:

Was Over The Top Fab Along With Iconic Street Style Moments (Loved Those Street Style Looks & That MK Dress @ The MET)

2013  Best Celeb Looks Miranda Kerr

Miroslava Duma 2013 Style:

Was All About The Perfect Designer Look & Mixes of Fashion Week Amazement (Loved All of Her Looks Can’t Choose One)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Miroslava Duma + Mira Duma

Naomie Harris 2013 Style:

Was Simplistic & Ravishing In Color & Red Carpet Fab

(Loved That Burberry Mint Dress & McQueen Black Gown)

2013  Best Celeb Looks Naomie Harris

Nicole Richie 2013 Style: 

Was Popular With The Trends & Full of Prints & Designer Love (Adore The Striped Pants & The Cut-Out White Dress @ AMA’s)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Nicole Richie

Olivia Palermo 2013 Style:

Was The Owner of NYC Glam & Chic On Many Levels & Accessory Savvy (Loved That Dior White Jacket Look & Those Fur Coat Looks)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Olivia Palermo

Rihanna 2013 Style:

 Was All Over The Place Yet Daring & Extremely Stunning/Edgy (Loved That Red Gown @ 2013 Grammy’s )

2013 Best Celeb Looks Rihanna

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 2013 Style:

Was Front-Row Meets Classified Fab With Simplified Details

(Loved Her Balmain Looks & That Red Suit)

2013 20 Best Celeb Looks Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Selena Gomez 2013 Style:

Was All About Showing Off Her New Side With Dashes of Iconic Designer Frocks (Loved The Versace  Dress @ VMA’s)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Selena Gomez

Solange Knowles 2013 Style:

Was A Printed Designer Fantasy That Mixed In A Funky Flare Attitude (Loved Her Cannes 2013 Gown & That Striped Dress)

2013  Best Celeb Looks Solange Knowles

Vanessa Hudgens 2013 Style:

Was All For Crop Tops With A Upscale Take On Boho Fab Look (Loved The Red Moschino Suit & Flower Dress)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Vanessa Hudgens

Victoria Beckham 2013 Style:

Was Minimal With Touches of Tailored Chic Yet Posh

(Loved The Dresses She’s Worn & Heels)

2013 Best Celeb Looks Victoria Beckham

Zoe Saldana 2013 Style:

Was All For The Keeping Things Simple Yet Unique With Her Style Choices (Loved The Grey Calvin Klein Crop Top Look)

2013 20 Best Celeb Looks14


Here’s To A Fabulous 2014 Bring On The Style!


10 Comments Add yours

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks this year had such iconic looks not a lot of outfits looked off!
      Have A Happy New Year!

  1. FreeUrCloset says:

    I loved Jessica Alba’s 2013 fashion moments! Great post.
    Wishing a Happy New Year to you and yours. XOXO

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      I know her moments are always amazing she’s never a miss! Thanks Again & Same Goes To U Have A Happy New Year!

  2. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update says:

    A suitably inspiring collection of images! Happy new year to you – may it be a very stylish one!

  3. You have chosen so many stunning looks, it’s really hard to select my favorites ! I wish you a fabulously stylish new year ! XX

  4. monica says:

    Have a great year and this is a great post. We all go through that phase if it is worth blogging and I think as long as you like it, then it is 🙂

  5. Happy New Year babe!

  6. That’s some great post. !

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