#ThrowbackThursday: Wes Gordon Modern Luxe Meets Dainty 1990’s Details!

Pictures5Wes Gordon 2014 SSYou can call it 2014 chic, or you can have a flashback moment to a decade that created it all. The skinny strapped dresses and the simplistic way we wear frocks glossed itself down the runway. But with the help of a cool yet youthful designer: Wes Gordon is the it designer and he’s been giving us an array of timeless pieces since 2009.

Yet this was his debut collection at London Fashion Week, instead of a presentation he proved to us he performs well. Noticeably this collection had a flare for soft romance meet modern details. By keeping his lust for lace as his fave friend and the cashmere cotton his inspiration.

He introduced the elements of movement without creating loud or over the top pieces. Instead these frocks stood out in the most intricate way. Those soft layers mixed in with the slinky halter looks proved necessary.

Along with the color schemes of: lilac purples, copper, black, & white along with butter yellows. All stunning shades but what stands out the most are the lace pencil skirts/dress, and crepe those coats.

Those luxurious details was infused by delicate fabrics, that worked so well with the vision. Like silk, chiffon, satin, cashmere, twill and of course the use of metallic.  You can’t deny the factors of how wearable this collection is on the levels of style, creativity and flare.

His view for the woman hangs on with the clarity of subtle exposure. Adding just enough sheer, without reducing the overall look.

But what stood out the most among this collection were the clever way  Swarovski crystals were used.  Throughout the collection he managed to include sparkling touches to the classic 1990’s looks.

Overall what made me amazed by this collection, was the take on my fave decade and the way the shoes looked. They showed off a futuristic vibe mixed in with the chic looks,  actually I would rock a pair if I could.  It’s a simplistic take on the modern 1990’s/2014 girl who loves long racer-back dresses, and the use of metallic.



Pictures1 Pictures3-001



Thanks Again I’m Back In The Fashion Game!

Brittany J.


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