A #Shoe Lover #Gift: Just In Time To ❤️‍ Custom&Chic @customandchic Shoes + #Interview!


Around this time we fall in love over any thing that’s worth it. Sometimes we fall in love over the relationships we’ve built, while at other times we fall for some non-judgmental material gains. But between you and me the love of a new pair of shoes scream a glitzy yes.

So with this special holiday {V-Day} their always a new brand or business showing us the love of what we desire. Creating  a gift of known satisfaction is of course the power of the heel. I must say I’m never against a gift that has my input in mind.

Kiss kiss. Neon ArtNeon LOVE!!!

With love so blatantly in the air this month, I was fascinated to come across something similar to maybe a first kiss just in different way (ha ha). Imagine your first time your wore your favorite pair of shoes, yet in a first kiss metaphor. The feeling of that chic pair fits just like that simple kiss.


But now think about shaping, and customizing any shoe with only your ideas. Plus you can add any creative input or style just the way you want it. 


Well I think that’s a winner to any of us shoe lovers. Yet it’s a dream to actually get something you design fitted to your perfection made. And since I’m a fan of anything creative,  I wanted to know more about they created a gateway, to giving their customers a new way to invent . Yet I had really no idea you could do this without some help from experts in the shoe industry.


I’ve only seen really distinctive customized shoe brands, that will do it for certain fees and around certain angles. Yet this brand/ business created something unique for us shoe lovers to call our own,

It’s an interesting thought that works with the needs of any shoe fan, which is why I’m introducing them.

quienes_somos custom & chic

Custom & Chic has brought in many levels to what you might want with no exceptions, and for any occasion. The fab duo Isabel Silvela & Macarena Gonzalez started this savvy business in the heart of a very well known city of Elda near the area of Alicante, Spain.


A popular location known to many international footwear designers and fashion designers for bringing their prominent shoes to life.  These distinctive shoe factories that Custom & Chic creates everything by hand from skilled artisans. Which uses the best in technology by adding textured leathers, materials and finishes. Along with examining a lot of key dynamics of what the customer desires.

Isabel Silvela & Macarena Gonzalez owners of custom & chic
Isabel Silvela & Macarena Gonzalez

I’m a huge advocate of diversity in the fashion industry, and I love to know how different cultures create their own fashion story. Which is why I was fixated to understand this brand more. They’re statement shoes  are a works of art that reflects the composition, fashion, class. Yet the personality of the person who wears them demonstrates it.

So I asked them 5 questions about the story behind Custom & Chic.

CUSTOM & CHIC cctiendas

~ {Below Are The 5 Questions & Their Insightful Answers} ~

1). How did you start this great business idea to customize chic shoes, and why do you think women like designing their own instead of buying now?

This is all because we wanted to fulfill a want in the market: “XXI century women are special, unique; they know what they want or need” How many times have we gone shopping look for those shoes that we had in mind? Whenever you go shopping having a perfect idea of what you want, it is not that easy to find it and you come home hands free.
Custom & Chic goes a step ahead customizing apparel and accessories. Thanks to our exclusive shoe customizing tool, our client will have his own workshop open to his inspiration, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

2). Which shoe design/models is the most popular out of 7 to choose from when customizing?

Stiletto – 9cm high heel…our clients are practical, they like to be fashionable, feel comfortable and confident with their choice and there is nothing like designing your own shoes knowing that you are going to get high quality ones, comfortable and perfectly adaptable to each woman.


3). Are their any touching stories you’ve received from past customers that made Custom & Chic brand really proud?

There are many, to be honest.  We receive emails from our customers thanking us for everything. The shoes not only cover customer expectations, they fall in love with their shoes and our deal with each client is unique and special .
Brides must take care of a lot of details so they find support on us, we are able to adjust to their needs and deadlines as much as we can, offering extra services…our goal is to make them happy.
As an example, Mariana, a hopeless bride, was not able to find the shoes she wanted having her wedding 2 months ahead, and she discovered she could have the shoes she was dreaming about thanks to Custom&Chic. She asked for fabric that we did not have in our catalog but we ordered it just for her, we send her a sample which she loved. When she got it, she called us excited, and she also called us after the wedding, while she was on her honeymoon saying that even after partying for the whole night, she felt able to run a marathon with her high heel shoes!!
When you work hard and give your clients special attention, you get those great emails that make you feel proud of yourself.

4). With Spain being your prime location it’s such a stunning country, what have you noticed women wearing more of then here in the USA?

(like are they wearing more slingbacks, platform heels or sneakers or peep toe)

Spanish woman are not used to buy online yet, we are a step behind comparing to USA. Spanish woman is more classic and gets used to new trends taking her time.
American women are different, they are aware about new trends and know how to personalize them, and customizing shoes with fashion shapes and fabrics, give them the chance to create their perfect combinations.
This is why we have such a wide offer, millions, women from all parts of the world can find the perfect shoes at Custom&Chic.

5). Lastly are there any Spring/Summer fashion shoe trends this year,

you found worth wearing and why?

This year glitter is a trend, it makes your legs look glowing with every step. Not everybody likes glitter but this is because they do not know there are so many different ones, even matt glitter. There is a huge range of possibilities and we are already working on it so we have them in our catalog.
This interview showcased a different side to just creating a shoe that made me see things in the shoe department in a whole new way.
Yet they also decided to share a way you could gift someone you care about with a gift card!
Exclusively if your in need of a cool gift well here’s what Custom&Chic is offering.
Valentine's Day Shoe Gift Card Custom & Chic
Truly Any Gift Is Worth It With A Little Kiss of True Love & Shoes Are Always A Big Plus!
romance on the streets
Dr. Martin Luther King & his Wife Coretta Scott King............Saying Goodbye
Parisian Love!
Celestial ♥

See other exclusive stories like this one from posts that demonstrate different fashion designers and their story.

Thanks Again


Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day!

Brittany J. 💋‍


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