A Flirty Flat-Lay Moment: Luxe Meets Lace Collab With Adore Me!


Truly there’s nothing wrong with wearing something cozy yet sexy among the brisk fall season. I’ve been on the hunt to comeback to my blog, with something unusually chic to showcase how fashion can come in all forms. So why not talk about the love for lingerie, as a style staple for your go to fall essentials.

Fall boots Lace bodysuit and camel suede skirtWe’re seeing a mix of sleepwear playing along the runway or the streets as high fashion moments. Of course fashion doesn’t need to be so perfect, and so why not mix something sexy with a pair of jeans or skirt.


Lace bralette and Chanel perfume

Yet there’s always that feeling of being complete when there’s a layer of lace within the mix. Sometimes the fall season flows better with lace, instead of the common cotton or cashmere. So I’m mixing these lavish layers with one of my favorite trends in blogging which is “Flat-Lay” styling. I’ve done them with clothing or magazines either on my blog, my Instagram, and from my Pinterest board. But never have I incorporated flat-lay with lingerie or sleepwear.

Image result for Adore Me logo

So I am so excited to post with the fab team at Adore Me.  Which holds an array of sexy yet modern lingerie. Even though their exclusive to these details, they also have cute sleepwear. Plus other romantic assortments for enjoying the beauty within underwear.  Starting with a quiz, which will demonstrate your assortment based on your answers, and then a flirty box of goodies come on your doorstep. It’s like Fabletics but exclusive, only for the flirty lingerie girl in need of sexy intimates in a flash.


Since I wanted to showcase a mixture of looks that can highlight romantic lace bras/bralettes, that can wors with any fashion moment. Just by changing it up with fall trends or with feminine accessories. It’s all about expressing your flirty side with the love for creativity. I came up with some looks, that are all based on one thing and that’s about having fun with essential girl accessories.

:: The Booming Bomber Looks ::

Olive Bomber jacket, lace free people bras,

Bomber olive jacket and lace free people bras

:: The V.I.P Party Look ::Black denim jeans, lace bra, clutch sequin , MAC makeup

:: The Accessories Need Lace Look ::
Free people lace bra and Buddhist stature, Vanessa Mooney bracelets, Lancome lipstick

:: The Softness Meets Rose Gold Look ::Lace bra orange, sunglasses, gold Coach necklace, Rebecca minkoff bracelet

:: The Golden All You Need Is Love Look ::20161101_133345

:: The Cozy Meets Lace Luxe Looks ::20161102_120105

Lace bras, wrap scarf, faux fur

I get inspired from others when coming up with new ways to do my flat-lays. So this collaboration was truly worth doing, because I like to demonstrate something fresh with my creativity for style. If you must know the trend with lingerie and sleepwear is just beginning, so get inspired to let out your flirty side this lavish fall season,

:: Thanks So Much To The Team At Adore Me ::

Brittany J.  😍


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