The Modern Man: Featuring Kurtis Paul Dapper Menswear Bags

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It’s been awhile since I had the courage to feature anything new on my blog, but I wanted to showcase something new because it was requested. Therefore here’s a great feature on a luxury brand. That keeps the everyday man looking handsome, and ahead of the street style game.


I’ve always wanted to feature a menswear accessories brand that’s completely new to the fashion market. We’re all aware of other menswear accessory brands out here, yet I was digging this brand more because of what it represents.


I believe in letting the man take ownership for his overall look, when it comes to handling his accessories. And that means what he carries should always go with his everyday style. It’s all about how he travels throughout the day,  and what looks good on him.

Overall any man needs something handcrafted to carry when he’s on business trips, working, or visiting others.

It’s quintessential for any guy to make a bold statement, whether it’s in a suit or in a pair of denim. Many men are known to carry what’s needed like a duffel bag, wallet or backpack. Yet most men should want to look extra sharp, and set a dashing example when they’re out. So why not add to their swag style look with this enriching brand.

Kurtis Paul


The love of affordable luxury for men just got better with the introduction of Kurtis Paul. The dynamic brothers (Lloyd & Kurtis) started in the UK with a vision to give the “Modern Gentlemen” a piece of handcrafted designed products that’s worth owning.

Kurtis & Lloyd from kurtis and paul

Debuting in 2015 the Kurtis Paul brand transformed the way men should carry themselves within the fashion market. By being distinguished, and representing a better version of themselves. With the introduction of adding well crafted styles that holds well within the simplicity of leather: bags, goods, and accessories.

Sherlock Leather Tote


Since a well traveled man counts the days by using key items like leather luggage or backpacks.

Darwin Leather Backpack

Then the Kurtis Paul brand will leave him looking dapper for all of those important trips. Find out more at

It’s no wonder why this trendsetting brand keeps the guy’s appearance looking good.

Alfred Leather Weekend Bag

By using practical details, along with sophisticated textures as a fundamental way to wear them throughout the day.


Releasing their newest set of accessories called the Canvas Collection, are an added bonus to their fine list of must-haves. Therefore if your trying to figure out what to gift the men in your life, then browse at Kurtis Paul newest items.

This collection is a set of backpacks, duffel bags, and beach backpack made out of a sturdy yet thick canvas fabric.

The New Kurtis Paul Products To View: 

The Canvas Backpack:
The Canvas Duffel Bag:
The Canvas Beach Bag:

Featured under a cool set of colors like Overcast Grey and Desert Sand Cream.




Overall these well designed menswear bags, and accessories range between $50 to $350 within the USA market. But their main headquarters is based out of the UK, yet they ship worldwide which a good thing with price ranges from £40 to £280.

The essence of the Kurtis Paul brand holds a key message by keeping the look and personality of the Gentlemen first, along with having the men uphold a respect for style.


It’s a wonderful brand and as a token of their appreciation they’re offering my readers 10% off by using this promo code “Stylebaby”.

~ Super Thanks For The Views ~


Thanks To The Team At Kurtis Paul!


Brittany J.


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