Simplistic Treasures: Change Up Your Day To Night Looks With AUrate NYC!

For many of us girls we usually can change up any look within minutes.

Yet sometimes we might have items that don’t always work when we’re in a hurry. Yet there’s cool solution that’s simple, and could add some flare to your everyday looks

Work style flat styling

Between the going to work days, being a mom, or shopping for the daily food essentials we sometimes feel slumped. When it comes to picking out looks for some evening interactions.

Therefore I think adding the right accessories is an easier way to show off, any  influential look without going over the top. Sometimes mixing or matching outfits require a special way of styling, which should indeed look effortless.

As easy as styling outfits can seem it’s so much more, especially when it comes to changing up your day into evening looks. Truly there’s an art to it, and so I created two looks that represents some chic moments when it comes to accessorizing.


I’m also introducing this modern meets simplistic brand, that’s changing the way we wear any jewels.

small-talkMost of our weekday looks consist of structured or routine outfits. But these looks below can represent those care-free Saturdays or Sundays, with friends or family that’s eventful yet fun.

~Introducing The Cool Meets Glam Day Look~

(The Cause & Effect Metallic Chic Style Board)

A Polyvore Set Aurate NYC.jpg2

Try to mix some gold into your looks this summer. Yet let’s not forget the use of denim against any metallic tones. Adding any eye-catching gold jewels keeps it always trendy. Simplifying the look as fresh, and full of glam for those fun afternoon gatherings.

~Next Up The Alluring Yet Exciting Evening Look~

(Red-Lust Meets Sequin & Gold Fab)

A Polyvore Set Aurate NYC

This look can showcase two favorable colors like red, and black are ideal for any summer night party. With the mixture of a sequin tank top, and cropped black pants is indeed a perfect mix of styling.  Yet the use of adding gold trinkets, are the key to keeping any evening look glowing at every angle.

With each of these looks featured two lovely pieces of jewels, that showcased under a worthy brand.

Fullscreen capture 5122017 55103 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 5122017 60324 AM.bmpThe desired meets well designed brand AUrate NYC is taking contemporary jewelry to the next level with their collections of simplistic jewels. There’s a plethora of modern jewelry that’s showcased on their site. Each item is handcrafted, and designed with such tasteful details.

Fullscreen capture 5122017 54751 AM.bmp

The dynamic duo Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui, created the AUrate NYC world in 2015 filled with mixtures of fine gold and intricate diamonds. Rather it’s stackable rings with a pair of savvy earrings, to dainty bracelets, or a statement necklace this brand will offer any style you desire.

It’s a valued brand that will continue grow, and I adore what they offer any customer.

Along with they’re belief in adding every design with a unique approach. Comes their high regard to help others for a caring cause. Making sure to give back in a piercing way, any item of jewelry you purchase at AUrate NYC. Helps underprivileged children by giving them the gift of books.

Fullscreen capture 5122017 54743 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 5122017 60309 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 5122017 71430 AM.bmp

What I featured within those style-boards above can be purchased on their stunning website, which includes free shipping by the way. 

The First AUrate NYC Jewelry Item Is Very Versatile & That’s Why I Choose It:

The Structural Pyramid Earrings


Customized to Fit Your Favorite Metal Style


The 2nd AUrate NYC Jewelry Item Is A Stunning Ring With Great Details + Ideal To Wear  Which Is Why I Used It:

The Icon Ring Yellow Gold With Black Diamonds


Customized to Fit Your Favorite Metal Style

Icon Ring with Black Diamonds

Overall any day to evening look has to flow with your personalty. And with each outfit it should reflect what your into within fashion.

So stay with what feels comfortable to you rather it’s pricing, fit, or taking the time to look. It’s all about being conventional with your summer season style. But I must say I love to style any outfit I wear,  with some yellow gold or rose gold jewels. It’s a lovely combination to any daily look I’m wearing.

Fullscreen capture 5122017 55439 AM.bmp

Lastly with AUrate NYC generosity comes an added bonus, they’re offering 10% off any item. Using this promo code (AurateExclusive10) guarantees you a chance to gift anyone or maybe even for yourself.

Therefore Keep On Showcasing Your Fun Day To Evening Looks!


Enjoy Your Weekend!!!

😍 💖  😍

Thanks Always & Thanks To The Team At AUrate NYC!

Brittany J.


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