Sculpted Vision: Italian Style With Warby Parker Newest Collection!

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The magic within our eyes showcase factors of beauty, boldness, and strength with any valuable pair of eye-wear. At times the admiration of a pair of sunglasses, is to take ownership of the sun. Indeed summer is finally here, and those sun rays are officially in charge. Making the urge to keep your sun shade game up to part. So looking through the vision of a perfect pair of sunglasses relies on the love of style.

Warby parker blue

Yet within every genre of accessories, indeed comes the love for it’s design and fit. Yet if your a fan of demonstrating the lust for wearing something fab yet distinctive. Then your in for a visual treat, but of course you can’t imagine eye-wear without this revolutionary brand. 

ecc49b3329 Warby Parker Santana row

Warby Parker is a indeed knockout among many eye-wear brands, showcasing affordability with a conscious mindset that’s simple. I’m a fan of them, and love how smooth their eye-wear looks and feels.

c98ed1de1e santana row

Plus the brand itself stands out for it’s sleek and hands on customer interaction, and overall modern aesthetic  With any pair of eye-wear revels a guaranteed home try-on for those 5 days. Making your overall purchase worth it, rather it’s sunglasses or eye-wear for either men or women.

warbyparker_logoblueEasily it’s ahead of the eye-wear game when comes to new innovative ideas. Keeping the customers wanting so much more, which is why the Warby Parker brand just released something new into their mix.

 Although the beauty of sculpted art is what we’re use to seeing at galleries. It’s truly a sight to see yet let’s add to the layer of art with a rare pair of sunglasses.

Warby parker sculped sunglasses new7

This week kicks off a limited collection from Warby Parker, that oozes strong features while making your outfit stand out. Handmade in Italy introducing the Sculpted Series for a limited time. These striking sunglasses are fit for any girl or guy whose in need of a pair of vacay sunnies. To travel abroad with a lovely pair these signifies you a stamp of fashion approval.


A total of 4 stunning pair of sunglasses to choose if your trying to pick. Of course for $145 it’s a price you can’t beat among other brands rocking the (Made In Italy Label). It would cost so much more from other brands. Yet with Warby Parker it’s extremely affordable, and only available for a limited time. 


Here’s Warby Parker 4 Styles To Enjoy Rocking In!

The MAE Sunglasses: Warby parker sculped sunglasses new1

Warby parker sculped sunglasses new5

The STELLA Sunglasses:Warby parker sculped sunglasses new4The SKYE Sunglasses:

Warby parker sculped sunglasses new2

The GEMMA Sunglasses

Warby parker sculped sunglasses new3

Overall this collection of sunglasses details a sense of style you can’t deny when looking at them. Between the soft earthy tones and sculpted design creates a quality of luxury. Of course their well made, and goes well with other items in your wardrobe. Easily they blend in perfectly with your look and showcase a level of  Italian coolness.

Here’s The Warby Parker Team All Rocking A Pair From The New Sculpted Series!

Therefore kindly kiss the sun with any pair of these sunglasses from the Sculpted series. And enjoy your summer season through the eyes of Warby Parker.  

Thanks To The Warby Parker Team For Introducing This New Collection!

Warby parker sculped sunglasses new twitter

It looks like another best-selling collection of sunglasses!

Thanks & Enjoy!

Brittany J.


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