Sacred Gems: Seven Saints Jewelry Interview + Fab Giveaway!

57b28e11a45da7b5c28f7e31f40ddeb7I wanted to update and showcase something new on my blog, which is a test of how far this blog has grown since it’s debut in August of 2010. I’ve evolved a lot over the years, and indeed fashion has as well. Now the world traveler is the new trendsetter, and what you wear generates your status for growth. 

1320b7f11ce18ac312454f203381560dTo me how you view the world is through traveling, I’ve been blessed to see such variety within this world while traveling within the USA. And along the way I’ve reviewed so many environments, people and foods. Overall it’s helped me to open up to the vast lands we live in, and why they should be valued.  Yes the USA is going through many changes, and in many ways these moments help us to stay grounded.

Which is why fashion is changing and we’re witnessing the use of substance over materialism. Within the belief system comes the thought to change, and within these vivid situations we face everyday. There’s a reason to invest in something higher than ourselves. 45860ac56bcbe703d1dfe5a657c78ff5This post is about going deeper, and discovering something more then just designer labels. But to display the use of adding spiritualism within jewelry, and how sacred it is to showcase your metaphysical side.

chakra chart for health yoga spiritual

I’ve practiced different levels spiritualism for many years, and I’m a fan of this savvy trend taking place within fashion & jewelry.


If your aware of spiritual symbolism then your familiar with genre of sacred geometry, chakras, tassels, and gemstones. These statement symbols are making a distinctive name for themselves within the look of jewelry.

Sacred Geometry Seven Saints Jewelry rose gold.jpg
Seven Saints Jewelry: Sacred Geometry Collection

Which is why I wanted to introduce a brand + an interview + giveaway that demonstrates the incoming trend of sacred jewels

Fullscreen capture 8242017 75120 AM.bmp

Recently I’ve teamed up with a fab brand whose jewelry cultivates how trendy these jewels are, and how valuable they are when worn.

Seven Saints Jewelry debuted in 2016, and it’s an energetic brand that features different jewelry for the like-minded holistic lovers. I’m pleased to introduce the fabulous owner, about her journey and how she started this good vibes brand.

Seven Saints Jewelry 5 Collections: 1. Sacred Geometry 2. Sacred Script 3. Mala Beads 4. Chakra 5. The Aromatherapy (The Newest) + along with the Men’s Collection

Seed of life gold symbol

The owner of Seven Saints Jewelry: Kaliah Shil’Ee

Born in the heart of New Zealand she’s now based in California. Her roles as a mother, photographer, jewelry designer, and owner of a brand.  She’s been able to mix her background in spiritualism along with traveling by creating a savvy business.

Also Seven Saints Jewelry has been featured in notable magazines such as Vogue & Glamour, so the world of fashion is ready for a shift within jewelry.


Now the interview will showcase more about her background, and how such jewels reshaped her life and the brand today. 

Kaliah Shil'Ee seven saints jewelry 1.) With your background in many fields what made you invested and interested in starting Seven Saints and why?

Spirituality, esoteric topics, magic, and mysticism are things I’ve always been drawn to right from when I was a young child. Even before these topics started to become ‘trendy’ and more widely accepted in the mainstream, when mostly everyone else around me thought it was all baloney and flaky nonsense, I had this inner conviction that I had found what was true for me – that we are energy bodies, that other beings exist in different dimensions and that we can have contact with them, that we’ve all lived many, many lives before this one, that there is this great, infinite ‘unseen’ world going on influencing everything around us, and that things go way beyond what we can just physically see and touch.

My beliefs and knowledge were not formed from just reading about it in books, but came from real experience. That’s what gave me such conviction.
So when my interest in design really came to the fore, starting a jewelry brand that was spiritually based was a no-brainer for me, but it was certainly not an easy path. I had been going through some really challenging circumstances in my personal life and had been feeling very knocked down and off course.

Fullscreen capture 8242017 74841 AM.bmp

In search of answers, I started doing a ceremonial seven day meditation that involved readings, candles and prayer each night. What was given to me during that week was the idea, concept, and name for my business. It was literally ‘downloaded’ into me. I knew that I wanted to create something that had meaning and that could remind people of their connection to source and divinity in their everyday lives.

Now when I look back, I understand that particular challenging time in my life was my ultimate training ground. It was what was shaping me, teaching me to have real strength, and to put into practice all of the spiritual learning to get me through that time.

Fullscreen capture 8242017 80745 AM.bmp
2.) Can you describe a prominent moment in your life where practicing meditation or any form of spirituality truly helped, and why?
I would say practicing meditation and spirituality became an integral part of my daily life around the age of 19. I had not grown up in a happy environment. In fact things were quite abusive. My parents were just doing the best they knew how, but as a result of that unstable environment, I grew up with chronically low self-esteem and self-confidence. I had become pretty self-destructive and felt very lost. Finding my way to yoga, meditation, spirituality, and holistic health practices in my late teens is what started the process of me finding myself again and recovering the authentic me who had become so locked away and buried under layers of pain, shame, and self-loathing.  

SEven saints jewelry chakra jewels bracelets
Seven Saints Jewelry: The Chakra Collection

3.) What’s your favorite part about designing jewelry collections & which piece of jewelry holds a sacred moment/memory to you?

Fullscreen capture 8242017 75113 AM.bmp

I love that I get to design things that are important to me that other people benefit from. I love that each piece has a story behind it, and feel excited when other people want to hear that story and learn about something they may not have known about before. I myself learn so much through creating these pieces, and feel that it’s a healing process for me just as much as the people who buy them.

Fullscreen capture 8242017 75434 AM.bmp
All the pieces in the collection are special to me, but I particularly love the Sacred Script Collection, because I know how powerful and transformational using mantras in our everyday lives can be, whether we are reciting them, or incorporating them into our energy field by wearing them. When I wear those pieces they put me right back in the room with all the incredible teachers/gurus I have had the honor to sit with and meditate with!

4.) What’s your favorite symbol or sacred geometry image that’s meaningful & why? Flower of life gold symbolI feel a special connection to both the Flower of Life and the Sri Yantra symbols. The Flower of Life brings me feel a sense of feminine empowerment, and the Sri Yantra is considered the ‘Mother’ of all Sacred Geometry symbols and has incredible power in helping us to manifest all the things we desire. When I started working with these symbols and incorporating them more into my daily life, the effects were quite noticeable.

5.) If you could choose one leader (dead or alive) or celebrity to meditate with for 2 hours who would you pick and why?
Jesus. I imagine that to be held in a space of that kind of unconditional love and complete acceptance would be a profoundly healing experience.


6.) Since exploring many countries from the work you’ve done, which country has kept you interested and why?
India and Egypt have both had a huge influence on me. I came back from both forever changed! India is an amalgam of all the things I’m passionate about – decorative arts, gemstones, yoga, spirituality. Love it or hate it, the vibrancy, energy, sheer chaos and extreme contrasts are something I’ve not been able to find anywhere else. And Egypt is so inspiring too! Journeying there I feel enabled me to join some dots on my spiritual path, and open some doors in my spiritual evolution.

Seven saints lewelry mala beads necklace
Seven Saints Jewelry: Mala Beads (Necklace) Collection

7.) Within the fashion accessory industry (tassels & gemstones) are a huge trend now in jewelry. If you could bring back or make your own jewelry trend…what would it be and why?

Fullscreen capture 8242017 80208 AM.bmp
It’s not exactly bringing a trend back or making my own, but I really love women’s head piece jewelry. Definitely not practical for everyday wear, but it’s so romantic and exotic to feel and look like an Eastern princess!

8.) You’ve met a distinctive group of people over the years can you offer, any useful piece of advice they shared with you and how it made a difference in your life?
I feel one of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given has been to trust and follow your own vision. Nobody else can see it because they are not you! Even if it makes sense to know one and they don’t understand it, even if there are naysayers, you have to have enough conviction and faith in yourself to keep going anyway.

Saven Saints Jewelry Men's bracelets
Seven Saints Jewelry: The Men’s Collection

When you’re a creative soul who likes to march to the beat of your own drummer, this advice can really help to get through some of the times along the path when you feel alone. Following your own instincts will always eventually lead you to what you are seeking.

Seven saints jewelry aromatherapy scents necklace
Seven Saints Jewelry:  The Aromatherapy Collection (Newest)

Overall an insightful interview, and I enjoyed the input along with the strength that revolves around her brand. I love the jewelry she’s created and would love for more people to know what her jewels gives off.

Fullscreen capture 8242017 80143 AM.bmp

There’s indeed good energy coming from her brand,  and of course it will continue to bless others & strengthen.

So now there’s another fab part to this post thanks to Kaliah & Seven Saints Jewelry I’m featuring a cool giveaway.

Gemstone scared jewelry giveaway seven saints

We’re giving away tassel earrings which is a huge trend right now.

The Seed of Life Tassel Earrings In Blush/18K Gold & Rose Gold

Only 2 Winners & It’s Based Only To USA Residents!

Here’s How To Enter: It Starts August 25, 2017 & Ends September 5th, 2017 

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Thanks So Much & Good Luck 

Brittany J.


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