Fashion Throwback: Featuring Cleopatra Outfits (1963)

~ Cleopatra 1963 ~

Its back by popular demand, it’s been almost five months since I did one of these. So I thought why not bring it back since the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes posts was so popular. Doing any fashion throwback posts takes days and hours but its back and I’m featuring another great movie. A movie that changed the surplus of any movie because of the budget and the outfits that followed. Also it changed the way we saw the late but fabulous Elizabeth Taylor and how she owned a movie that took years to finish.

Cleopatra left the theaters over 48 years ago and still there are generations who would watch it. Yes there’s still a fan base of millions and I’m one of them, and will continue to adore this film. Because it has such amazing colors and such fashionable looks that conquer all movie costumes. She had over 65 costume changes and made each one look amazing, plus she scored a 1 million dollar check and Richard Burton/Mark Antony.


It’s a full length movie filled with drama, love and tragedy, plus there’s two parts that’s full of great scenery. Cleopatra is a film that launched the fame of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and made them into mega stars they were the equivalent to our Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It’s a powerful film that dealt with a female ruler who ruled an empire. When men were considered powerful she made it her goal to change that and she did.

But with any great empire there’s always a great fall and this movie took us through the life of a beautiful tragedy. And I must say with the beauty and the power that was given, I loved how Elizabeth became her. The acting was rich and at times a little overly done but I thought she gave Cleopatra such a powerful tone. Which was needed it’s a film you either like, love or hated and I loved it.

That’s why I’m featuring seven looks that shined above the rest of her many looks. These looks were some of my favorite and they’re full of color, creativity and they hold such a richness that I love. Also I’ve spin around the traditional looks to make them into modern ones.

This Is A Dedication To One Fashionable, Diamond Infused Lady That Owned The Word Beauty!

~ So Enjoy Cleopatra’s Seven Looks ~

~ Cleopatra’s Red & Sultry Look ~

~ Cleopatra’s Sassy & Bold Look ~

~ Cleopatra’s Orange & Chic Look ~

~ Cleopatra’s Royal Purple Look ~

~ Cleopatra’s Stylish Yellow Look ~

~ Cleopatra’s Green With Envy Look ~

~ Cleopatra’s Golden Touch Look ~

Featuring Kim Kardashian In The Recent Cleopatra Spread For The March 2011 Cover of Harper’s Bazaar!

It Was Fun To Go Back & Recreate These Looks!

Expect To See More Fashion Throwbacks In The Months To Come!

~ Brittany J.


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  1. A beautiful post on a lovely woman and the fabulous Cleopatra role! xo

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