Street Style Maven: Miroslava Duma & Tommy Ton For Symphony S/S 2012 + Video!

You’ve probably seen this fab yet young street style lover on many blogs and magazines. But you’ve also seen these pics and wondered where did they come from? Because I thought the same thing, I’ve been hooked on that yellow Jason Wu dress since I saw it.

And now I realize where it came from I thought why not share it with others who love her style. Back in February luxury boutique  Symphony did a Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. Featuring Miroslava Duma (Mira Duma) and it was photographed by famous photographer Tommy Ton with Dubai as the background.

To me this campaign is stunning because it’s not digital edited. It’s naturally pretty and that’s sometimes rare in Fashion. Since it’s shot in Downtown Dubai it’s easily mesmerizing and I craved for more with those backgrounds he shot. Mainly photographed near or around the Dubai Mall.

Tommy Ton blogs has a way of making us want to pop on our best outfit just to hail a yellow NYC taxi. Yet it’s all about angles I love his pics and use them a lot but who hasn’t ? But his skills is no joke when it comes to him and his camera those close-ups are why we love him.

So when I found out he did these famous pics and detailed one famous fashion writer I had to feature it. Even though it’s been six months ago when it was showcased, it’s still is worth talking about. These overtly fab pictures came from the  Savoir Flair site which had amazing behind the scenes pics.

She wore each designer look like it was her best friend yet it was because she’s rocked designer fashions for years. She’s use to looking amazing since her dad’s a senator for Russia and she used to work as Fashion editor for Vogue Russia. 

But besides the awesome family background she carries, it’s no surprise when this boutique chose her as the “It” Girl. These pics are an updated version of street style but with a dose of Fierceness.  Also here’s a behind the scenes video featuring them talking and the interaction he takes when it comes to getting that perfect shot!

~So Enjoy The Famous Pics ~ 

Tommy Ton & Miroslava Duma For Symphony S/S 2012

Enjoy The Behind The Scenes Video + Tommy Ton & Mira Duma For Symphony!

(Watching It In HD Is Great)


9 Comments Add yours

  1. tseparfait says:

    I love looking out for Miroslava’s street style during fashion weeks! She is absolutely gorgeous. Tommy Ton is one of my fav photographers and them collaborating together is beyond crazy! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks For The Comment & Your Right She Wears, Such Gorgeous Looks It’s almost like it’s cut on her perfectly. Tommy Ton is really amazing ~ Your welcome

  2. teenrants says:

    Love this post! The dresses are beautiful!

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Super Thanks Glad U Liked it It’s one of my favorite posts!

  3. audrina1759 says:

    The dresses are Divine! They are so beautiful! But i have to say that yellow dress really stands out. Love it!

  4. amazing article! miroslava looks stunning as always! 😉

  5. Loved this! I just noted your article on my own blog! This was such a beautiful shoot and its great to see the behind the scenes info. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Aww Super Thanks for mentioning on your blog post. It was a great post and this was a stunning photo shoot she’s becoming such a fashion icon. Sorry for not replying back sooner but I really appreciate the mention! : )

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